Cryotanks Ltd has many years of experience in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and gas flushing. 

If you want to preserve your food product, achieve a longer shelf life, while maintaining texture, taste and colour look no further because Cryotanks can accommodate your needs. Regardless of your business size we have a range of tanks that can be installed to provide you with the ideal gas mixture for your food packaging requirements. 

MAP primarily uses 3 gas types: CO₂, Nitrogen and Oxygen, all of which are naturally present within the air we breathe. The CO₂ inhibits the growth of bacteria yeast and mould, while nitrogen is an inert gas that fills the remaining space and prevents collapsing of the package. Oxygen is used to preserve the bright red colour in raw meat and also utilised in some types of white fish or crustations. 

By modifying the atmosphere with a specific gas mixture in the package you naturally preserve the food product hence extending the shelf life and quality. This protective atmosphere preserves the taste, safety, and appearance of the food for longer. For these reasons this commonly makes MAP packaging more advantageous than vacuum or skin packaging, including less product waste due to longer shelf life meaning more money saved for your business.

Success Stories

Crust and Crumb

Crust & Crumb Ltd have been a long-standing customer of Cryotanks Ltd and create freshly prepared foods in partnership with leading retail and foodservice customers.

Crust and Crumb are Ireland’s largest manufacturer of ambient, chilled, and frozen flatbread products. They specialize in producing Pizza Bases, Topped Pizza, Flatbreads and Tortillas alongside an extensive range of Gluten Free and Vegan Dough-Based Products.

Dundalk Bay Brewery & Distillery

Cryotanks has grown with Dundalk Bay Brewery as they have progressed in size and production. We helped Dundalk Bay Brewery transition through each stage of their business growth and saved them significant costs every step of the way.

Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery is a state-of-the-art independent brewing and distilling company established in 2015. 100% Irish owned, independent, family-owned company with a long-standing commitment towards brewing and distilling remarkable Irish beers, spirits, and drinks.

McAtamney’s are one of Cryotanks Ltd. most recent food customers and have progressed from cylinder packs because they see the massive cost savings in the efficiency of using Cryogenic Tanks to produce their own gas mixture for MAP packaging.

McAtamney’s Wholesale Meats is a busy, purpose built factory unit. Supplying wholesale meats to the catering and retail trade, the factory sources, prepares, packages & distributes all food produce to over 120 hotels, restaurants & butcher’s shops province-wide.



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