Laser Cutting

Cryotanks has supplied a number of industrial manufacturing companies currently operating laser cutting equipment, one of the most energy efficient cutting methods. Industrial laser cutting cuts through a wide range of materials, from the strongest alloys, through to the thinnest polymers.

Nitrogen gas is used extensively in the cutting process due to its inert nature providing a high quality, clean cut with no oxidisation.  Cryotanks can provide high pressure (37 bar), high flow, Cryogenic Nitrogen tanks from stock to facilitate this process.

Cryotanks’ ensures that the quality control of our Cryogenic Liquids is to the highest industry standards – typically 99.998%.

Furthermore we also supply high purity Oxygen for cutting thick section mild steel at lower pressures. We will tailor fit the tank size and installation to our clients bespoke requirements.

Welding & Fabrication

Fabrication Welders can have a high consumption rate, hence storing and changing welding gas cylinders can result in considerable costs.

Cryotanks can supply and install a range of tank solutions providing you with multiple advantages.  Firstly, the operational costs of handling and changing cylinders are eliminated.  Deliveries are often required less frequently and can be carried out unsupervised – meaning they can take place outside of working hours, ensuring that a supply of welding gas is always available when needed.

Have you stopped to consider how much wastage in gas and time lost, managing or handling your welding gas cylinders?

Having the flexibility to mix your own welding gas on site with the security of supply, backup systems in place and the reassurance of a highly experienced professional partner in Cryotanks, will create a seemless hands-free alternative for you our client.

Time is money. Therefore, eliminating time lost from taking delivery of cylinders, storing them, and changing out cylinders when they’re empty; all these activities use up resources. Moreover, from an administrative perspective, time is also required for ordering, arranging deliveries and collections, as well as invoicing.

Consequently, savings are made, and safety is improved. 

We offer a Free Site Survey to establish if your business meets the threshold that warrants the install of a Pipeline and Cryogenic Tank mode of supply.

No need for safe handling of cylinders which is a source of significant loss in productivity.  Clearing way for additional factory floor workspace as well as a lower cost per unit volume of gas. Also, expensive downtime is eradicated allowing uninterrupted gas supply and manufacturing production.

Cryotanks Ltd is a supplier of industrial gases across all industries, we offer various Cryogenic Storage Tanks in a range of sizes from 30 Litres to 20,000 Litres. Our typical bulk tanks are compact and easily installed by our professional team.

Success Stories

CASC take full advantage of Cryotanks’ fast and efficient service when operating their high-tech lasers.

CASC are leading suppliers of Access & Safety products and services throughout the UK and Europe.  With over 20 years’ experience our company prides itself on being able to provide cost-effective solutions to deliver projects safely and on time in the UK and throughout Europe. Our services range from Access and Safety for working at extreme heights, to constructing large bespoke structures for the preassembly of wind turbines.  CASC are expert consultants in our field and can assist companies in all aspects of their projects including project planning, site management/EHS, supply chain management and training.  CASC offer design and fabrication of mild steel, aluminium, and stainless-steel products.

Cryotanks provide Cubis Systems with a smooth and seemless supply of gas to assist their manufacturing process. 

Cubis is the global leader in the design and manufacture of access chamber and cable ducting systems for infrastructure networks. Their innovative products are used in the rail, telecoms, road, water and power industries worldwide. Cubis are the first choice for customers seeking contemporary solutions that improve on traditional installation methods.



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