Many Universities offer Cryogenics and Superconductivity courses and as a result they require Cryogenic Storage Tanks for their liquid requirements.

Cryotanks work seamlessly with Universities to supply and install the optimum turnkey solution for Cryogenic Storage. 

We understand that Universities are typically research driven with a considerable emphasis on health and safety. Accordingly, Cryotanks’ highly experienced engineers offer expertise on the correct speciality gas for your application, at the optimum purity level. Cryotanks ensures this is delivered on-time and in the best supply mode for the University’s requirements.

In addition, our installation team can provide a comprehensive Cryo Storage Facility to meet the BCGA guidelines to ensure optimum safety.  Our sister company GAS DETECTION LTD offers absolute peace of mind by seemlessly safeguarding the well being of students and University staff.

Success Stories

Queens University Belfast

Cryotanks have provided Queens University Belfast with a number of Cryogenic Storage Tanks for over 15 years. Cryotanks supply high purity products and services to multiple faculties throughout the University Campus, including: Physics, Medical Biology & Pharamacy etc.

Queen’s is recognized as one of the UK’s leading research-intensive Universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

Ulster University 

Ulster University are one of Cryotanks most recent university clients and have experienced the full package Cryotanks Ltd can offer in conjunction with both of our sister companies Gas Detection and Pipeline Solutions NI Ltd.

Our holistic approach ensured the installation of a complete specialist laboratory gas system from source to serve approximately 200 no. point-of-use outlets throughout 5-storeys of the new multi-story city center building located at York Street, Belfast.
This included a ‘house nitrogen’ line delivering all the nitrogen gas requirements from a dedicated cryogenic tank at ground level. Other gases for the operation of the Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC) Equipment include Oxygen, Hydrogen, Acetylene, High Purity Argon, High Purity Nitrogen, Helium and Carbon Dioxide. High purity gases are delivered in orbitally welded stainless steel. Welding gases include Argon (TIG Welding), Argon/CO2 Mix (MIG Welding), Oxygen and Acetylene.

A comprehensive IGD Gas Detection system was installed comprising of over 228 no. devices, complete with advanced control panels including HMI monitoring Panels and Repeater Panels to ensure the system could be monitored and controlled throughout the university complex.

The project utilised all three companies to deliver a truly state of the art system that will ensure the University and NIBEC can continue to carry out its groundbreaking research and teaching programs.

Ulster University has a national and international reputation for excellence, innovation and regional engagement and continues to make a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Northern Ireland.



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