Artificial Insemination

As farmers wish to develop their herd further, we can support their Liquid Nitrogen needs for semen storage in preparation for the AI process. As those thrive to improve the health and genetics of their herd, Artificial insemination can be used in a more efficient manner than natural covering. We can assess each client to establish their individual needs to further provide the correct size of dewars or possibly larger tanks to ensure that their system will work as efficiently as possible. Security of supply for these breeders is vital to ensure safe storage of valuable semen. 

Doctors Surgeries / Podiatrists

We provide our Liquid Nitrogen service to various Doctor’s surgeries across Northern Ireland. Nitrogen is used for treatment and removal of different types of warts and on the human body. We can offer a repeat service for surgeries, for example, scheduling your delivery on a 4-weekly basis following assessment of the needs of each specific surgery. This reassures that nurses and treatment rooms always have stock as and when they need it. We have also established a small portfolio of podiatrists who use Liquid Nitrogen for foot treatment for issues such as viral warts like veruccae.

Success Stories

Artificial Insemination

Deerpark Pedigree Pigs

Deerpark Pedigree Pigs are a valued customer of Cryotanks and by supplying them Liquid Nitrogen they can send Fresh AI to the rest of the World. DEERPARK AI are acknowledged as one of the leading experts in Frozen pig AI.

Deerpark Pedigree Pigs is a Family-owned business where Robert Overend has been breeding Pedigree Pigs for 60 years. They opened the first privately owned Artificial Insemination Centre in Ireland in 1985.

Deerpark are now experts in freezing and thawing boar semen and have been chosen by the British Pig Association and The Rare Breeds Survival Trust as the Centre to freeze pig semen for their Conservation Programme.

WWS Ireland

World Wide Sires Ireland, Ltd (WWS) have a Nitrogen tank from Cryotanks Ltd where we supply them with nitrogen for their Artificial Insemination.

WWS brings the best in US genetics to Irish soil. Quality products, high integrity and superior customer service are the cornerstone of their business. They urge you to Experience the Difference by partnering with the company driving genetic progress around the world.

Doctors Surgeries / Podiatrists

Kingsbridge Private Hospital

Cryotanks ensures that the quality control of Kingsbridge Private Hospital Cryogenic Liquids is to the highest industry standards. Kingsbridge Private Hospital utilises Cryotanks to provide their Medical Oxygen tank and supply Liquid Nitrogen for various treatments.

Kingsbridge is a state of the art medical & surgical private hospital. Northern Ireland’s largest private hospital group.



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