Scott Robinson from Robinson Distribution contacted Gareth to come and survey their requirements and Cryotanks was able to come up with a solution.

Our very experienced Pipeline Installers from our sister company Pipeline Solutions (NI) Limited completed Oxygen and Nitrogen pipeline installation using degreased copper and stainless steel. Robinson Distribution required this installation to accommodate the new Trumph Laser machine.

Robinson Distribution now have four new Cryogenic Tanks with Cryogenic Liquid supply from Cryotanks Ltd. An Oxygen and a Nitrogen for the Trumph Laser, and an additional two more tanks were installed for Argon and CO2 with mixing panel for the MIG welding.

Furthermore, a full ring main pipeline was completed with 13 outlet points for the MIG welding to accompany our newly installed tanks.

Robinson Distribution is now fully covered under our comprehensive maintenance agreement for the next 3 years. We are very happy to welcome them into the Cryotanks Family.